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In order to bring convenience and satisfaction to customers, has appropriate policies when customers need to exchange / return products. We hope that the products customers have chosen are the most satisfactory products.

The exchange / return of products comes with specific conditions, please refer to the details below:

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  1. Cases of exchange/return

1.1 – Goods delivered with technical defects:

The product is only considered as a technical defect when it is confirmed by the Technical Center or the Warranty Center of the product.

When you have problems with products ordered at, please take the following steps:

Step 1: Check how to use the product yourself, the operations are guided in the “User manual” that comes with each product (if any).
Step 2: You contact the technical/warranty center: HOTLINE: 1800 ……. press 03 or email: [email protected] For some typical product lines, you can find warranty information at: Store system.
Step 3: Within 07 days from the date of receipt of the goods, if you are confirmed from the Technical Center or the Warranty Center of the product that the product has a technical defect, please immediately visit the Exchange Guide. return the item to begin the return process.
If you cannot contact the product’s technical/warranty center, please contact HOTLINE: 1800 ………

In our experience, more than half of the products returned for technical reasons after being checked by the technical department are rated as in perfect used condition. Therefore, to save time and convenience for you, please read the user manual carefully or contact the technical support department of the product directly to make sure the product is assembled. connect and operate correctly before sending the goods back to

1.2 – Delivered goods are broken, wrong content or missing: encourages customers to check the external condition of the box and product before payment to ensure that the goods are delivered with the correct type, quantity, color according to the order and the condition of the inside. outside unaffected (broken/scratched). If this is the case, please refuse to receive the goods and/or immediately notify customer support (HOTEL: 1800 ………) so that we can have a timely solution. .

In case the customer has paid, received the goods and then discovered that the goods are broken, wrong content or missing, please take a photo of the product and send it to [email protected] for support. Support the next steps such as exchange / return or send the missing product to you.

After 48 hours from the time you receive the goods, has the right to refuse to support the complaints according to the above content.

  1. List of free exchange/return (products do not apply for exchange)

Promotional products (with a discount of 10% or more compared to the original price), goods of the same price.
Returned products are not due to technical defects

  1. Conditions of exchange

Please read carefully the provisions outlined in our Return Policy to ensure that the product/goods requested for exchange/return meets all of the following conditions:

Products to be returned must be ordered online or purchased at the store system
Still in original packaging and undamaged.
Stamps/warranty cards, brand stamps, technical instructions and accompanying gifts (if any) etc. must be complete and intact.
There is no data in the product with a storage device.
Not dirty, scratched, broken, damaged, has a strange smell or shows signs of being washed or used.
Goods can only be exchanged for a similar product (same model), another product (same brand) of equal or lower value.
You are required to have a purchase receipt when exchanging goods. The company does not accept the exchange of goods without the above documents.
Parts, details, accessories, user manuals, accompanying gifts (if any), etc. must be complete and have no signs of use.
Each order can only be exchanged once.
Returned products that do not meet the above conditions will be automatically returned to the address registered by you in the order.

  1. Time to return goods

The time to apply for return and exchange of goods purchased at the store system of the store system is 3-7 days.
For customers who order at website, the return time is 3-7 days from the date you receive the product.

  1. Cost of returning goods

• For products exchanged due to technical defects, customers will be free of charge for exchange and free delivery to the location • indicated on the return request form.
For products exchanged due to subjective opinions from customers, you will pay the 2-way shipping fee.


Depending on the reason for returning the product and the quality assessment results, we will have appropriate return methods

  1. Exchange new product phẩm

This form is applied to cases where the product is damaged due to the fault of the manufacturer. We will exchange for you a new product with the same model (same product code, same size, same brand…).

In case our system has run out of product codes as in your order, we will exchange for you another product (same brand) of equivalent value.

  1. Refunds

Refunds only apply to defective products without replacement products. Refund in this case will be made via bank transfer according to the account information provided by you.

Currently, we have not applied the form of cash refund at the office for all cases of product exchange/return.

Processing time: If the customer’s refund request meets the conditions for exchange/return, will carry out the refund procedure for the customer within 30 days from the date of receipt of the account information. of the Customer.


For customers who buy at the store, please contact the store you bought directly to exchange.
For customers buying online, please see the detailed instructions below.
Within 3-7 days after receiving the goods, if there is a need to exchange / return the product, please complete the steps as guided below:

Step 1: Check the conditions of return and exchange

Please refer to our return policy in Section I to ensure the product meets the conditions for exchange/return.

Step 2: Register for payment

Please send a request for product exchange/return to email [email protected] with the following information:

Orderer’s name.

Phone number of the person ordering.
Code orders
Product exchange or return
Why do you want to exchange/return?
Product code + product color + product size that you want to change
Or you can contact Customer Care Department 1800………, provide the order code so that we can have a suitable solution.

Step 3: Packaging the product

Products requested for exchange/return need to be carefully packed with the packaging or box that we have sent before, including:

Products you want to exchange/return.
Bill of sale.
Outside the package, please provide full information:

First and last name
Phone number
Note: Goods cannot be exchanged without the invoice of Ban Yan Vietnam Co., Ltd attached. Step 4: Send the goods to KADA International Joint Stock Company.

You contact the nearest branches, offices of DHL, VNPost, Viettel, Fast Delivery, Speedlink… or the nearest post office to send the exchange/return parcel to us at the address:

VIETTEL TOWER – 12th Floor, Viettel Headquarters and Trade Center Building, No. 285 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City,


Please return the goods through the shipping service. The company does not apply direct exchange at the above address, please understand.
After completing the shipping procedures, the carrier will provide you with the postal code / order number of the package and a receipt stating the product status to you.
We are not responsible for the loss, loss or breakage of the package (if any) during transit.
When packing exchange/return products to us, you will be responsible for the integrity of the product. We recommend that you pack the product carefully and in an appropriate manner to ensure that the product is not adversely affected during transit and/or by external agents (if any).
Step 5: Make a product exchange/return

As soon as we receive your exchange/return product, we will conduct a product evaluation and notify you of the results and solution to the exchange/return within 05 – 07 working days.




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