Ordering guide

You can order online at website kada.vn through the following basic ordering steps:

Step 1: Search for products
You can find products in 3 ways:

  • Method 1: Type the product name in the search bar
    To search for a product, please enter the name of the product or keywords related to the product in the search box and conduct a search at the “Search” button right next to it.
  • Method 2: Search by category
    If you do not immediately determine the product to buy, you can choose the product category by brand or by function.
  • Method 3: Search by products that are on sale.
    If you have a need to find promotional products, please select the “Preferential program” box.

*Tips: quickly filter products in a category
You can use the filter on the left menu (as shown below) to search for products by price range, brand, color…

Step 2: Choose a product
After you have found the desired product, please click on the product details to view the information. Here, you can check product specifications, images, prices and promotions (if any) of the product.

If you are satisfied with the product and want to place an order, please choose color (1), size (2), quantity (3) and press the “Add to cart” button (4) to proceed. order products

After the product has been added to the cart, a dialog box will appear as follows:

  • In case you want to continue to choose more products, you can close this dialog box and choose the next product.
  • In case you only order the selected product, please click the “Proceed to Payment” button and you will be redirected to the Shopping Cart page.

At the Cart page, you can check the information of the product, select the number of products you want to order. You press the “Proceed to checkout” button to continue completing the order, or press the “Continue shopping” button to select more products.

Step 3: Enter order information
If you have registered an account at kada.vn website, please log in with your registered email address and password so that the system can accumulate reward points for you, helping you receive many incentives. than.

Please enter all shipping information in the form and press “Continue”.
*In case there is a discount code, please enter the discount code in the Enter discount code box and press Apply

Step 4: Choose a payment method
In the Payment method section, please select the desired payment method and check the box “I have read and agree to the above terms”

*Payment by bank transfer:

After choosing a payment method, please press the “Finish” button to complete the order process. Your order information will be displayed on the screen and will be sent to your email.

After completing the above steps, KADA JSC staff will contact you to confirm your order and schedule a specific delivery.




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