Fascination with details.

Company size 300 employees with the offices world wide & whole sales , OEM & retailers stores in Japan,KADA serves the clients a full services of entire process from material supply , pre-production , manufacturing & quality inspection to retailer sales.

We always commit with up to date development based on our clients target , our own design , quality assurance, timely delivery , Human rights compliance.
We always follow up on BAGs audit approval by WRAP , VF & many kind of JAPANESE inspection label. 


For Human Kind

Simplicity is the ultimate
sophistication trend.

SUSTAINABLE means to be sustainable.
In particular, we will talk about sustainable industries and developments while preserving the global environment.
Based on that concept, KADA is
a brand based on environmentally friendly manufacturing by developing products centered on recycled materials.
The main body is made of 100% recycled nylon, and the sewing thread, parts, logo label, buckle,
mesh, and even the fastener part except the slider are made of recycled material.
The specially used black logo label and sustainable label are the symbol of this series.


Design with purpose, create with passion.

Recycle nylon

KADA is developing sustainable and eco-friendly products using recycled nylon “MIPAN REGEN” which has acquired GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification from the Dutch certification body CONTROL UNION.


KADA’s definitive classic OLD BASIC series has revived the archive design at the time of its founding We will develop eco-friendly and sustainable items by actively using
rich color variations that look like they were exposed to the sunlight of California and
“recycle nylon” that is kind to nature and environmentally

ACTIVE series is inspired by activities such as climbing, hiking and surfing .
A professional collection with fabrics and performance that corresponds to outdoor activities
will liven up the outdoor scene.


X-PAC is a special method using three types of materials, front fabric + X-PLY (fiber) + back fabric, developed by DIMENSION-POLYANT in the United States, which boasts the world’s largest share of sail cloth (yacht sail). It is an excellent special material that combines strength, lightness, and waterproofness, consisting of a three-layer structure bonded in.

Est. 2018

3 Designers

4 Engineers

Worldwide Delivery

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